• Bruce Forrester

Chinese Virus - Coronavirus

Important Update Re Chinese Virus

Forrester&Co are mindful of these exceptional and very difficult times but the office is open and we are functioning well. In particular our offices are isolated within Green Belt countryside and the team are combining home working with other essential measures. We will not be accepting visitors.

We are thus able to handle matters in some respects as usual, but in others with difficulty, and the difficulty arises with regard to site visits and inspections.

If we need to travel and visit the interior of occupied buildings only private car travel will be used. It is possible that some owners/occupiers will understandably not permit surveyors into their property. If they do permit access, they will have to confirm that they are perfectly well and symptom free and that they have not been in contact with any infected party (or anyone that has been feeling unwell). If there is any doubt whatsoever, we should be so advised. In any event my staff and I inspecting property interiors will be vigilant and at the slightest sign of a problem will abandon the inspection. Of course some inspections may be refused in certain circumstances.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 will still be operative and all matters requiring its operation may be formally concluded, albeit in some cases the usual inspection/s may not form part of the process as before. The rights, responsibilities and obligations all remain unchanged. Thus anyone requiring a Party Wall Award, whether building owner or adjoining owner, may expect one from us as at 17/03/2020.


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