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The Building Owner, as defined, will be the owner of the land and/or buildings in question and HM Land Registry should confirm the proprietorship information or if an incorporated entity then Company’s House information also has to be considered.

The Building owner will be the party wishing to carry out the works and it is the Building Owner that has the obligation to prepare and serve the notices or have a surveyor prepare and serve the notices. Once served unless the adjoining owner consents a surveyor or surveyors will be appointed and the Building Owner will have to pay the reasonable costs associated with the making of an Award.


The flowchart below identifies the considerations for a building owner when considering the Act.

We offer free initial advice and a drawing consideration service for Building Owners and will provide bespoke fee proposals for each matter. We can also offer advice as to whether the works require notice to be served, sometimes also looking at alternative design ideas.

The sooner we are consulted as part of the design team the better and remember with many of the notifiable works at least 2 months notice is required under the Act. We therefore usually advise Building Owners to allow ample time to conclude matters.


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